Friday, September 4, 2009

Active Rest And Recovery...Plus A Little Fun Too.

[Even the "Big Guy" needs some rest...ok he THINKS he needs a lot of rest.]

Beating Inanimate Objects...Now That's My Idea Of Fun.

ROUND 1: 5 Min warm up consisting of foot work, stretch kicks, and dynamic stretching

ROUND 2: Heavy Bag Work
                   60 sec Punches
                   60 sec Kicks
                 120 sec Combos
                   30 sec Burpees
                   30 sec Jumping Jacks

ROUND 3: UFC Ground & Pound Bag
                   60 sec Ground and Pound
                   90 sec Shoulder Carry Run
                   60 sec Ground and Pound
                   90 sec Shoulder Carry Run

ROUND 4: Active Recovery Circuit x 2 Rounds
                  30 sec Pumps
                  30 sec Overhead Sqt w/ 45lb bar
                  30 sec Windmill w/ 16kg Lt.
                  30 sec Windmill w/ 16kg Rt.
                  30 sec Fire Hose Waves w/ 1.75"
                  30 sec Push Up Plus
                  30 sec Jumping Jacks


* I am feeling great today so I decided to focus that energy towards a fun A.R. routine. I will start implementing these on my active recovery days depending on how I feel. I really miss being in my MMA class, so I figured there's a lot I can do on my own and still reap some of the same benefits, like improved conditioning, working technique, letting out aggression, burning some calories, etc.

* Afterwards, I felt alive. So, yes, this will be a part of my weekly routine. I'm still feeling the surge so I'm gonna take Jack to the dog park and let him let off some steam. Peace.

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