Monday, June 22, 2009

Accomplishing Less Can Lead To So Much More

[Found these at a antique store in the Heights. They're 1.5lbs each. They're about $65/ pair online. I got 'em for $9 each.]

I got in form work around 7am this morning and went straight to sleep. We were a bit busy yesterday, for a Sunday. We also did a bit of training on the pumper and ladder trucks. It wasn't intense, but in the Texas heat, standing is a workout. I got up around noon and spent a hour or so writing up my P.M. schedule for the week, studied a bit, and took Jack for a short but blistering walk.

During the walk, I realized that my shoulder, hams, and glutes were a bit sore. I had a hefty bit of swings and sledgehammer slams to get done and I was determined to get it done. Then I started to analyze the situation. I thought to myself, "If I try to push myself when I am not 100%, then #1 )I could injure myself, #2) I will not be able to make the progress that I need, and #3) as a result of #1 and 2, I will not be successful at the RKC." I decided to play it smart and have an active recovery day. My recover circuit dealt with shoulder and hip flexibility along w/ active stretches to help aid in the recovery process.


  1. 3 Different Kali Drills w/ the Indian Clubs x 10-20 each side
  2. Indian Club Y Squat x 10
  3. Push Up Plus ( push up w/ a shoulder roll at the top. got it from Turb. Training) x 5
  4. Pumps x3 (w/ 3 twist on each side once in the downward do position)
  5. Cossack Stretch x 5/5
  6. Warrior Stretch x 3/3

I felt like a freaking warrior after this. A surge of energy raced through my vessels. I felt loos but strong. I might make this my standard warm up from now on.

I also decided to do a little C&P practice w/ the 24kg. I did 3 x 3 on each side and really focused on staying tight after the clean and pressing with my lat as I locked the KB over head. I felt very strong and in control. I haven't felt like this before w/ previous C&P's.

This A.R. day was just what I needed. Now I feel that I will have the strength and mobility I need to push past this week's sticking points getting me closer to the RKC.


  1. its good to have a recovery day. a lot of people try to run themselves ragged which sounds macho and cool and looks great in the Rocky movies but its not always the best route. knowing when to back off is not just playing it safe...its playing it smart

  2. Doug....I'm also training for the RKC in Philly in October. Don't know if you are aware of this information but on Doc Cheng's blog he describes the Hardstyle Lock as a method to improve your presses. It's worked tremendously for me for both improving my form as well as lifting heavier weight. I've got a bunch of years on you and I need all the help I can get. Give it a try. Good luck at your cert.