Monday, June 15, 2009

ETK - The Fire Fighter Way

Program Minimum. This is where it all begins. There is no turning back, and the only way out is walking away from the RKC wearing a black t-shirt with a Russian red crest atop the left pec.

I will chronicle my plan to become an RKC Instructor in a personal journal and peridically post entries on theis blog. WODs, food, feeling, emotions, blood sweat, tears, it will all be here. Nothing will be censored. “Commit…No Excuses” will be my mantra. There WILL be days that I want to give up, not do a workout or not perform at 100%. "Commit...No Excuses!"

I WILL be an RKC; no doubt. May this logged journey also serve as a tool for others who follow, not in my footsteps, but make their own path towards the RKC or what ever challenge they face.

WOD 061509: PM - These workouts will be primarily based on the KBS and TGU. I will also implement other modes that I feel compliment these lifts and help me build the strength and conditioning I need to e a fire fighter.

Fighter Pull Ups- 7,7,6,5,4 (8:30am)

Shoulder Mobiltiy/ Foam Rolling: (9:00am)

Warm Up- 10 FTW Squats/ 10/10 Halos / 1 Pump w/ TGU warm up X 3 Rounds (5:50pm)

TGU- 3 sets of 5/5 w/ 20.4KG (6:00pm)

FFMM- Based On Sr. RKC David Whitley’s article; Brutal Minimalist Fitness
  • 50,40,30,20,10> KBS w/ 20.4KG
  • 10,20,30,40,50> Sledgehammer Chops w/ 10lb Hammer
  • Finished in 11:20:00

Finisher- Just for the hell of it.

  • 1(5,4,3,2,1) Kettlebell Push Up-2-Squat Triple Crush w/ 20.4KG

I read somewhere, that your workouts should make you feel energize afterwards, in fact, feeling like having sex is not uncommon. In that case, do not disturb.


  1. heh i spent Saturday with Whitley at an Oldtime strongman event. He was like a 12 year old girl at a Jonas Brother concert lol.

    enjoy the postworkout sex

  2. That's awesome! Yeah, the workout recovery is really good around here.

  3. I am thinking about the Oct. class. but it is all going to depend on how ready I feel. I strained my shoulder the other day so I'm rehabing that right now. I'm also planning on taking a few lessons from Mike House, RKC II. Thanks for the comments.