Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WOD 060209: Every Now And Then, Take The Road Less Travelled

Tuesday was a conditioning day, which always begin w/ working on Turkish Get Ups . Round 2 of the session is based on an article I got off of Mike Mahler's site titled, High Octane Carido For Serious Fat Loss. Check out his site for a ton of great info on life, kettlebells, and the pursuit of self torture. The dude is a strength monster.

WARMUP: light swings, joint mobility, pumps, Sampson stretch.

ROUND 1: 10min Round of Alt. TGUs w/ 27kg.

ROUND2: 5 Rounds Of:

  1. Sprints through the park

  2. 24kg KB Snatch 10/10

There is a winding track that outlines this park near my house. Its not a normal school track, but it was to linear for me today. There is no set path to life so I decided to do my interval sprints through park instead of around. The track was predictable, but the terrain of the park was not. I had to maneuver around benches, swing sets, monkey bars, trees, holes, and children ( one of which decided to run w/ me for a while...until he passed me up.) I even leaped over a few picnic tables. I forgot to time myself. I'm guessing it took about 10-15min to complete. The parks pretty big and I ran from one end to the other. On the last set, I pick out three trees that were equal spaced. I sprinted to the closest tree, then back to the started and repeated that with the middle and furthest tree. That was a smoker! I took little to no rest between the sprints and the snatches and took no more that 60 sec b/t each round. Next time, I'm going to time my self and try to complete it faster the next go round.

Lisa's WOD: High Octane Cardio

WARMUP: same as mine


  1. 500m Row
  2. 10 kettlebell crushes to overhead press with 11kg

She pushed herself through all 5 rounds. I'm so proud of her. She's really putting a lot of hard work and effort towards reach her goals both in fitness and her career.

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