Sunday, October 25, 2009


So it begins.

I have accepted the fact that my blade is in serious need of sharpening. That's why I decided to enlist the help of a Senior blacksmith to melt me down, and build me up again; so that I am strong as steel and razor sharp.

I got a fever, and the only cure is more Swings and Get Ups.

You are either a student of many schools or a master of one. My destination is the latter, and my fuels are Get Ups and Swings. From now on until I hear otherwise, the prescription is 100 Swings and 10/10 Get Ups every day. How I choose to break plan it out is up to me; however, the key is to stay fresh.

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I decided to take the KB to the park. I did 5/5 TGU' slow and controlled, rest for about 5-6 min (laying on the grass just looking at the clouds), then I did 5x10 KBS. I rested another 5-6min and repeated. All with the 16kg I might add. We've recently rekindled our relationship.

Indiana Doug And The Quest For The Perfect Rep.

Staying fresh and controlling my fatigue will help me find that perfect rep. How I break up the sets is really going to depend on the day. I'm pretty busy when I'm not at the station, or at the station, but on the paramedic squad. Taking long breaks b/t sets just won't cut. There's no telling if I'll be running to a business meeting or doing CPR on patient. On these days, I have to do my set in blocks of 3-5 depending on how I feel.

Today is Sunday and I'm on the pumper. I should have a little more time to break the sets up a bit more today. I started the morning off early at 4am w/ 5/5 TGU's. I just watched a few respectable You Tube videos trying to really see where I need to improve. (This one by Dan John, RKC is awesome.) I'll be taking a few more notes then heading out to the apparatus bay for a few more Get Ups. The 100 swings will come later after some much needed R&R.

And here we go!

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