Sunday, October 18, 2009


* I am quickly finding out that trying to put a business plan together and scouting out possible locations for our warehouse gym takes a lot of time out of your day.

* Needless to say, 730pm shows up pretty fast when you've got about 1,000 things to do in 24 hrs. (including getting ready for the next day and sleep)

* I had about less than 30min to get my workout in so I decided to try a kettlebell circuit I got from a You Tube post by Zach Even-Esh and David Whitley called a "Kettlebell Chain."

* In the vid, Coach Z states that you need 4 or more kettlebells of ascending weight to really make this effective. I started w/ 16kg, 20kg, 24kg , and a 28kg.

* The series of lifts in the "Chain" are as follows; Snatch, Rack, Strict Press, Clean And Press. Do 1 rep of each exercise on the left then 1 rep of each on the right

* Move to the next heavier kettlebell and repeat the sequence until you move to the top of the "Chain" and work your way back down.

* I threw in some fighter pull ups between chains. I think I got through it 5 time.

* There hardest part for me (other than the lifts themselves) was remembering the order of exercises. You'll see in the video where I stumble forward on the 20kg twice b/c I almost cleaned it instead of snatching it.

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