Friday, October 30, 2009


[I guess he found the "fat burning zone"]

(This is more of a rant than anything. So, there's no rhythm to it. Fuck it! That's what blogs are for)

You've been on and off the scale, worrying about your "BMI" , trying to eat a specific amount of calories, and doing 45min - 1hr of useless cardio on your stair stepper all your life ...How's that been working out for you?... Are you a number or are you somebody?

i guess i need to clarify that the cardio i am referring to is the steady state, 45-1hr low intensity, high impact crap many people think is the key to fat loss.

you want an effective weight loss routine? stop eating shit, lift heavy things a few times a week, sprint like f*#k'n race horse once in a while, and play every day. 

don't get me wrong, 45min - 1hr jogs and/or hikes are not only enjoyable, but are also good for overall health. however, they are just a small piece of a bigger puzzle.

too much of any one aspect will have negative results. strength trainig w/o adequate recovery will lead to injury and illness quicker than you can say "squat."

a lot of my old clients were "cardio-aholics" thinking that the reason the didn't lose that last 10-15lbs was due to the fact that they only did 30min on the recumbent bike instead of an hour.

they would bust their ass doing 30min on the treadmill ( fight the machines!) b/4 a session, then i would put them through the worst 15-30 min of their life, then they would come in on their days off and lightly jog for 30min-1hr complaining that they were sore and tired from our last session.

at this point they had stopped burning fat and started destroying muscle. then, they would get insanely hungry, go next door to the smoothie shop and order a jumbo PB smoothie, down it in about 5min, spike their insulin levels, increase their fat stores, and repeat the process all over again.

they would eventually come to me and ask why they haven't seemed to lose any fat. i told them that their diet sucked and they need to stop doing so much damn low intensity cardio, but they were not ready to hear the truth.

insanity- doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

same could be said for stupidity.

in regards to not being able to burn fat in less than 30 min, you can burn fat in less than 3min in my version of the "fat burning zone." a.k.a the kitchen.

you wanna burn fat? eat less and of the right types of foods.

plain and simple, you can't out run a bad diet.

here's an effective "fat burning" routine you can do in 4min


*20sec of work / 10 sec of rest x 8 rounds

*kettlebell, dumbbell, or barbell front squats

* try to get as many reps as you can w/ perfect form w/in the 20sec.

* no sissy squats either. ass below parallel (ass to the ground even better)

* same goes for the sissy, that is.

* be aggressive and explosive.

* pretty soon you'll be begging for that 4th min to end.

* if not, you need to put down that pink 2.5 lb baby toy you call a weight and pick up some real tonnage.

Check out these links for more info on bullshit cardio and tabata protocol.

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