Sunday, August 30, 2009

Embrace The Kettlebell Part II

[ They say that a box of tissue left in you car can kill you, if you get in a wreck. I would hate to see what this thing would do to me!]

I got an "A", but that doesn't mean I got a job. (083009)
So, a 93% isn't bad when you look at it from just a "test taking" point of view, but considering it was a promotional test, it's a whole different story. There were people walking out of the test with 100s, 101s, and 102s. I'll find out where I stand when I get to work on Sunday. By then, they should have a tentative list showing me my ranking and giving me a better idea if I will get promoted to Engineer/Operator. Did I want to do better? Damn right I did. I wanted to walk out with at least a 100. Am I upset with a 93%? Not at all. I felt that the test was easy and that I knew the material...,obviously 93% of it. If I have to take it again in 2 yrs, then I will be better prepared for it. This experience reminds me of my 1st approach in preparing for the RKC (not seeing any progress), and how I am currently preparing for it, which I am already seeing a lot of improvement in my form and how I feel. Recognizing your mistakes is one thing, but knowing how to fix them is even better. The moral of the story; the road to your goals is not a paved straight line with a bunch of rest stops on the way.
Here are some of  the destinations and the map I am bringing with me.
1) I will start a family with my love. She will be such a great mother that it will bring a great father out of me. There is just something about creating a little person(s) to take care of, watch grow, and be proud of that I want us to experience together. How are we going to get there? That's between her, me, and God. So keep praying for us and we'll keep doing our part.

2) I will stay on a righteous path. We all have the potential to to good, but we also have the potential to do evil things. Mike Mahler wrote a thought provoking article about that here. Every day, I will strive to be a better person. How will I get there? I will think of others over myself, lend a hand to those in need, not judge people for things they can't control ( ..really at all), and I will not pull somebody down just so I can rise above them.

3) I will bust my ass, everyday, to provide for my family. This is the path that I chose. I want to be a fire fighter. I want to be a paramedic. I want to be a fitness coach. Whether or not I feel more strong about one over the other is irrelevant at this point. How will I get there? I will wake up everyday and be the best I can be at the particular role I am filling that day. Most of all, I will be the best husband, son, brother, and friend that I can be, everyday.

4) I will ATTEND and PASS the Russian Kettlebell Certification. By now, you should know that one of the reasons I started this blog was to track my progress, thoughts, and feelings concerning my journey to the RKC. Obviously, I have strayed away from that in the last few posts, but not anymore. How will I get there?  For starters, I will use this blog to track my daily training sessions. The daily entries will focus on what I did in the gym as well as the kitchen, how I felt before and afterwards, my strengths, my weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and anything else I feel like commenting on that will hold me accountable for my progress. I have roughly 6 months to prepare for the Feb. RKC in San Jose; that's if I feel ready. Enter The Kettlebell will be my bible. I recently purchased Jordan Vezina's, RKC, The Corrections. in order to help me clean up my technique. I also have a thick stack of articles printed off the Dragon Door website concerning the RKC cert. and how to prepare for it. One in particular, titled How to Prepare for and Pass the RKC by Brett Jones, Master RKC, will play an integral role. I stronger with my presses and TGU's and more conditioned with the swing and snatch. Quality over quantity will be my mantra during my sessions. My form must be solid and sharp so a few training sessions with local RKC are a must. There are a ton of other things I would like to mention here, but to sum it up, I will pass the RKC with perfect form and by being as strong and conditioned as I possibly can.

5) Rule # 13

6) Rule #14

Heavy Day: 082909
Warm up - 3 Rounds Of: 10/10 Halos, 10 Goblet Squats (16kg), 3 Pumps
Strength - w/ 24kg
Clean and Press  1,2,3,4,5
Pull Ups              7,6,5
Conditioning - w/ 24kg     
10 Rounds Of:
30 sec KBS
30 sec 1.5lb Indain Club Kali Drill
Comments: I felt a lot stronger today and a lot more solid with my technique than I had the week before. I recently gave up coffee so that might have something to do with it. I really enjoyed pairing the swings with the Kali drills. The Kali drills were a great form of active recovery from the C&P's. I am going to work up to 20 rounds of that in the next few sessions. Diet not so good today because we are still celebrating my hard work and the resulting grade. Gonna kick it into high gear today and the rest of the week.

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